HamCation 2019

HamCation 2019 Is Just Around The Corner!

Time is flying, before you know it the 73rd edition of the second largest show in the United States is opening its doors. This year this is the ARRL Southeastern Division Convention.

The Orlando Hamfest is the largest in the Southeast, on February the 8th, 9th and 10th.  K4DRN and N4CU will have tables G8 and 9 in the Swap building. Drop to say hello or bring something you want to sell, no commission charged to club members.

More information and tickets can be found HERE.


North America QSO Party

The North America QSO party is six 12 hour contests, 3 in Jan-Feb and 3 in Jul-Aug.  The 3 are CW, RTTY and SSB.

Now, NOARC isn’t a contesting club, but we really ARE a contesting club.  We are in the ARRL contesting club list. The North Okaloosa ARC right along with others including the Alabama Contesting Group.

Field Day brings a lot of club members into a very large fray into crowded bands.   North American QSO Party is another exercise that gets radios heated and the radio spectrum full.  It is not as packed as FD as it is three contests, SSB, CW and RTTY twice a year, 1st about mid January, and 2nd about mid July.  A SSB portion starts at 0600Z January 19th which is Noon on the 19th.  The contest period is 12 hours but you are only allowed to operate 10 hours.  Power is 100 Watts maximum.  There are various categories and category winners receive plaques.  The rules are available here.

To provide incentive for club members to get on the air, there will be a $75 prize for the individual making the QSOs provided at least 10 individual club members participate.  To qualify for the award you must follow the rules attached,  email a copy of the contest robot log confirmation and a statement of hours used to the club treasure at treasurer@w4aaz.org.
N1MM provides an hour summary in View->Hours.

So join in, and possibly win a local cash prize.
(Disclaimer: Cash prize is provided by private donations and is not an expense for NOARC)

Club Opening, 15 December 2018

The heat was on and the Christmas spirit was at the Club Station this past Saturday. 

Seven folks attended / dropped by: KM4OZK, Patti; N4CU, Bob; N4FQJ, Sally; KN4KLB, Chris, and KK4VAZ, Mark. 

A new log was established on both PCs in Ham Radio Deluxe,  (HRD) since the last activity was the SSB Contest.  Contacts were made on both Yaesu FT-450Ds. 

The talk was on “Using Your Rig As a Digital Audio Recorder.”   Think about the old micro-cassette tape recorders we used in class.  The discussion showed that the ID31, 51, 5100 could send out Digital Voice announcements; could record QSOs (receive only or receive and PTT),  plus it could be used as a generic Voice Recorder for meetings. 

Other rigs reviewed were the TH-D74A by Kenwood and the FT-400 DR with an optional board.  The others use the power of a micro SD card.  The FT2D has a  in card but does not support this feature.

Some uses of the feature are: signal strength checks between distant radios; listening to yourself in conversation; reviewing missed QSOs; repeater control op item [interference]; event recorder (parades, etc.); disaster and emergency management (hurricanes); and possibly for FoxHunts.  The files can by listened to, stored on your PC and/or shared for training and other fun stuff. 

Some rigs will record from both receivers, will others will only record from the Main receiver.   Hopefully you can have some fun with this feature on your radio!

Take care,  Bruce Adams KA5DLV

2019 Club Officers elected

The results of our December 13th business meeting election of next years officers are as follows.

  • President – CJ KJ4PIU
  • Vice President – Craig KK4WDQ
  • Secretary – Rob KM4SPJ
  • Treasurer – Robert KM4VKY

The Result of NOARC Business Measures in the order they were voted on.

Bylaws Rewrite – Approved
Budget – Approved
Dues increase to $30 – Not Approved

2018 Christmas Party


This is to announce the NOARC Hosted Area Wide Christmas Party and 40th Anniversary Celebration will be held on Thursday, 20 December 2018 6:00PM at the Live Oak Baptist Church Fellowship Hall.  4565 Live Oak Church Road, Crestview, FL 32539

I am starting now to put out invites to clubs in Okaloosa, Walton and Santa Rosa Counties. Please feel free to forward to local clubs and invite other fellow hams.

We will also invite folks from Live Oak Baptist Church.

This has been a pot luck in past years, we will do that again this year.

What I need:
5-6 People to be at the Church around 4:00 for set up.
5-6 Folks to stay around for the cleanup.

Email me at president@w4aaz.org Please put “Christmas Party” Somewhere in the subject line.

Please let me know how many are coming, what type of dish you want to bring, about how many servings you think you have. As we get the first dishes/items in, I will start sending emails out with specific requests to ensure we have a variety of dishes.
You can also bring plates, Cups, Drinks, & utensils.

And let me know if you can help with set up or clean up.

Thanks all, I look forward to a wonderful night.

Ron Mahn KI5FR
President NOARC

2018 By-Law Changes

At the 13 Dec 2018 (Business Meeting, we will have an up or down vote on the attached by-law changes.  Our current By-Laws were last substantively amended 10 Apr 2014 (8th revision), great work by Mike KK4KRZ by the way, followed by by-law maintenance by Shirley KK4PUG (Thanks) for readability and editing errors in preparation for this significant rewrite approved 13 Sept 2018 (9th revision).

Click here for the  full markup of the 9th revision with the 10th revision changes. Words eliminated are struck through, the words added are in red.

Click here for a clean copy of the proposed by-laws with none of the editing indicators above.

What was done:

  • Ensured we supported the 2016 Update to the Articles of Incorporation supporting our 501(c)3 status with the state of Florida.
  • Better support the committee structure as implemented by the club summer of 2018
  • Update rules of operation to adapt to our larger club.
  • Standardize terms across the By-Laws.
  • A caveat that legally binding laws, rules and regulation take precedent over the By-Laws
  • A November date for the annual meeting for elections, budgets etc.

The committee listened to all inputs sent to the committee and many were implemented.  Those that weren’t generally fell into 2 categories, were a choice of 2 or more alternate inputs for the same area, or they were not compatible with the Articles of Incorporation or 501(c)3 status.

If you have questions, please reply to the committee chair, Shirly KK4PUG, her email address is in the membership rolls posted in the “Membership Only” area of this web site.  She will either answer directly or turn it over to other committee members to answer.

Thank you for your patience in this process,

Ron Mahn KI5FR
President NOARC