North America QSO Party

The North America QSO party is six 12 hour contests, 3 in Jan-Feb and 3 in Jul-Aug.  The 3 are CW, RTTY and SSB.

Now, NOARC isn’t a contesting club, but we really ARE a contesting club.  We are in the ARRL contesting club list. The North Okaloosa ARC right along with others including the Alabama Contesting Group.

Field Day brings a lot of club members into a very large fray into crowded bands.   North American QSO Party is another exercise that gets radios heated and the radio spectrum full.  It is not as packed as FD as it is three contests, SSB, CW and RTTY twice a year, 1st about mid January, and 2nd about mid July.  A SSB portion starts at 0600Z January 19th which is Noon on the 19th.  The contest period is 12 hours but you are only allowed to operate 10 hours.  Power is 100 Watts maximum.  There are various categories and category winners receive plaques.  The rules are available here.

To provide incentive for club members to get on the air, there will be a $75 prize for the individual making the QSOs provided at least 10 individual club members participate.  To qualify for the award you must follow the rules attached,  email a copy of the contest robot log confirmation and a statement of hours used to the club treasure at
N1MM provides an hour summary in View->Hours.

So join in, and possibly win a local cash prize.
(Disclaimer: Cash prize is provided by private donations and is not an expense for NOARC)


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