Club Opening, 15 December 2018

The heat was on and the Christmas spirit was at the Club Station this past Saturday. 

Seven folks attended / dropped by: KM4OZK, Patti; N4CU, Bob; N4FQJ, Sally; KN4KLB, Chris, and KK4VAZ, Mark. 

A new log was established on both PCs in Ham Radio Deluxe,  (HRD) since the last activity was the SSB Contest.  Contacts were made on both Yaesu FT-450Ds. 

The talk was on “Using Your Rig As a Digital Audio Recorder.”   Think about the old micro-cassette tape recorders we used in class.  The discussion showed that the ID31, 51, 5100 could send out Digital Voice announcements; could record QSOs (receive only or receive and PTT),  plus it could be used as a generic Voice Recorder for meetings. 

Other rigs reviewed were the TH-D74A by Kenwood and the FT-400 DR with an optional board.  The others use the power of a micro SD card.  The FT2D has a  in card but does not support this feature.

Some uses of the feature are: signal strength checks between distant radios; listening to yourself in conversation; reviewing missed QSOs; repeater control op item [interference]; event recorder (parades, etc.); disaster and emergency management (hurricanes); and possibly for FoxHunts.  The files can by listened to, stored on your PC and/or shared for training and other fun stuff. 

Some rigs will record from both receivers, will others will only record from the Main receiver.   Hopefully you can have some fun with this feature on your radio!

Take care,  Bruce Adams KA5DLV


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